The Alliance’s response to the “Sauvons la forêt (Save the Forest)” petition:

The French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil wishes to respond to the petition recently introduced by the French group “Sauvons la forêt”:

We are outraged by the forest fires currently ravaging lands in Indonesian, and we strongly condemn these methods that destroy primary or high carbon stock forests for the purposes of establishing oil palm plantations. Though we understand that this crop is essential to this country’s economy, we cannot allow such production to occur at the expense of communities, the environment and biodiversity.

We, the agrifood businesses that are Alliance members, are convinced that there is an alternative, and that is why we are committed to sourcing exclusively RSPO-certified palm oil by the end of 2015. We have also made an even stronger commitment to fully implement by 2020: using sustainable palm oil guaranteeing better protection of high carbon stock forests, peatlands and wildlife corridors than even exists in the current certification. This is all part of our daily fight to impose our “zero deforestation” commitment upon our suppliers.

As such, we cannot accept that some of our members’ names are mentioned in the call for signatures on this petition, claiming they are responsible for the current situation. Our members source 100% RSPO-certified palm oil and we support the objective of “zero deforestation”.

For more information about our work toward this objective:

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