Diet: Do we consume too much palm oil?

Bouteille d'huile de palme

Questioning the role palm oil plays in overall health entails knowing what part it plays in our diet. In recent decades, the oils consumed by the French population have diversified greatly, and palm oil constitutes only a minor portion of the whole.

Ranked fifth among vegetable oils

In the 1960s, peanut oil was the main oil consumed in the food realm. Today, use of peanut oil is very limited and the range of oils used in food production has broadened substantially. Sunflower oil is actually now the most consumed oil in France, at more than 13g per day per person. It is followed by rapeseed oil and olive oil. Palm oil only comes in fifth place.

A small proportion of the fats consumed

In France, palm oil is used very rarely in cooking. Therefore, the oil’s household consumption must be assessed in terms of its presence as an ingredient in other substances. A CREDOC* study conducted in 2014 estimated the average consumption of palm oil to be 2.8 g per day per person. This daily amount represents 3.7% of total fat consumption. In terms of the nutritional composition, the average daily consumption of palm oil amounts to approximately 4.4% of the recommended daily intake of saturated fatty acids in France.