The mission of the Alliance

Expert opinion

We are working to rally as many entities as possible from the industries using palm oil in France around our goal of 100% sustainable palm oil. Our objective is ultimately to reach all professionals in producer countries.

Adressing in the entire sector

Our members are committed to implementing concrete action plans to achieve the goal of 100% sustainable palm oil by 2020. To this end, the Alliance facilitates dialogue and experience-sharing between the sector’s companies in France, Europe and the producer countries. We hold gatherings between those in the industry and our members to share knowledge and available solutions, and to speed the progress of change along the supply chains.

Rigorous production criteria

We believe that the preservation of natural resources, biodiversity, and the future well-being of small producers has ties to development of the sustainable palm oil market in France and Europe.
We are therefore working to reconcile the increasing global demand for this oil with rigorous production criteria addressing environmental, economic and social concerns.

Objective information

We are also committed to providing consumers with objective information about the nutritional aspects of palm oil.

100% sustainable palm oil by 2020

The industrial members of the Alliance have committed to using 100% certified palm oil in all their production by 2015. To achieve this, they have embraced the RSPO certification system.

As the Alliance’s sustainability criteria are even stricter than those of the RSPO, as explained here, its members are committed to using sustainable palm oil that meets the highest level of certification available by 2020.