The French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil


We are an association of French companies. Our goal is to develop and expand the use of sustainable palm oil. By “sustainable”, we mean palm oil that prevents deforestation, is environmentally friendly and respects local populations.

Our members are committed to ensuring their supplies in France of palm oil and its derivatives are 100% RSPO certified by 2015.

Our criteria

The Alliance defines sustainable palm oil as follows :

  • oil with known, and therefore traceable, origins;
  • oil with no impact on deforestation and respects ecosystems with high conservation value;
  • oil sourced through cultivation practices that respect high carbon value forests;
  • oil sourced through farming practices that fully preserve and protect all peatlands;
  • oil that does not come from plantations resorting to slash and burn;
  • oil that protects the rights of local workers, populations, and communities, respecting the principle of free, prior, and informed consent of those communities;
  • oil that promotes development of independent producers farming small plots.

Based on this definition, our members commit to ensuring the palm oil used in their products is 100% sustainable by 2020. To further this commitment, on 27 February 2014, the Alliance signed a formal pledge to ensure that the production conditions for palm oil respect local populations and biodiversity. Our members have committed to using 100% RSPO-certified palm oil by 2015.

The RSPO: our gold standard

The French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil currently relies on the standards set by the RSPO. The RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) presently offers the only internationally recognised certification system for palm oil.

It is also the only international multilateral organisation that brings together the entire palm oil industry (producers, processors, users, environmental and social NGOs, etc.).

One of the RSPO’s major objectives is to protect high conservation value areas when palm plantations are being created or expanded. It intends to meet growing global demand while fighting destruction of the environment.

The Alliance wants to go further

The French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil wants to go further in this focus, including by supporting the RSPO in the evolution of Principles & Criteria, giving them even greater protective scope. High carbon stock forests, peatlands and wildlife corridors, for example, are currently inadequately protected.

Alliance members are committed to ultimately using sustainable palm oil that meets the highest standard available, corresponding to the above definition.