Partnership with CIRAD

In 2017, the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil signs a 3-year
partnership with The French Agricultural Research Centre for International Development
(CIRAD) to support its research and training projects in the oil palm sector.

The French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil and CIRAD share the same conviction : to achieve sustainable palm oil production, producers must be supported not just through proposed technical and social innovations, but also by building political action frameworks that provide incentives for practices compatible with the supply chain’s sustainability, which has not yet been achieved.

To help reach this objective, CIRAD is setting up a platform of scientific projects carried out in Southeast Asia with its public- and private-sector partners that address the sustainability of perennial crop systems. This platform, called SALSA (Sustainable Agricultural Landscapes in Southeast Asia), will promote the concrete integration of disciplines and multi-stakeholder teams into research, training and development projects conducted in the field, working with local stakeholders, using experimental and academic approaches.

This partnership will draw on CIRAD’s expertise to support the Alliance’s work with its members to continue developing the sustainable palm oil supply chain and protecting biodiversity in Southeast Asia. CIRAD, with more than sixty years of research in the oil palm industry and, more broadly, long-standing involvement in varietal breeding and plantation agricultural management, works to boost sustainable production of palm oil while reducing its adverse impact on the environment and biodiversity.

Summary video of the signing conference (in French)