What plant produces palm oil?

plantation palmier

Rather than “palm oil”, it should really be called “palm fruit oil.” Because the oil is obtained through pressing the pulp of this fruit, which has a 50% fat content. This extraction is done through simple hot-pressing, without solvents or chemical additives.

A very high-yield plant

This fruit’s tremendously high oil content partly explains the very high yield of the oil palm. What’s more, under proper conditions, it is possible to harvest the tree’s fruit several times a month – every month of the year!

Long-lasting production

An oil palm produces 12-15 fruit clusters a year, and each cluster contains approximately 1,000-3,000 young fruit. All told, an oil palm produces between 45 and 50 litres of oil annually, for a period of 25 to 30 years.

The oilseed champion

Such productivity ensures the highest yields – by far – of all oilseeds. So, on a like-for-like basis, an oil palm plantation produces eight times more oil than a soybean field and six times more than a rapeseed field.