A synopsis of the “Fighting Deforestation and Climate Change” workshop: more than 130 participants proposed concrete solutions

As part of the Convergences World Forum held in Paris from 7 to 9 September, the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil hosted a workshop with the theme “Fighting Deforestation and Climate Change: Are Sustainable Commodity Chains the Solution?”. This unprecedented initiative helped generate dialogue and idea exchanges between producers, processors and distributors in the various supply chains (wood, paper, palm oil, rubber and soybeans), as well as NGOs, researchers, and representatives of public authorities. More than 130 participants chose to meet with the objective of sharing expertise and practices to find tangible, applicable solutions, all with the strategic objective of halting deforestation and reaching the goal of zero deforestation.

Frédéric Roussel, President of the Convergences, and Guillaume Reveilhac, President of the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil, welcomed the participants, who then attended the presentation of a world deforestation inventory by Arnaud Gauffier, head of the Food & Agriculture programme at WWF France, followed by a briefing on the zero-deforestation objective by Jérôme Frignet, Forests Manager at Greenpeace. Attendees then took part in the roundtables, which were organised around six themes: supply risk management; audit systems, certifications, traceability; reconciling economic development and preservation of primary forests in Africa; the involvement of local small producers in responsible initiatives; protecting animal species; consumer information and the risk of greenwashing. These discussions resulted in concrete proposals translated into tools and events, and all participants stressed the importance of conducting cross-disciplinary and cross-industry initiatives having an impact on every facet of the topics addressed. The video of the workshop, along with the report summarising all discussions and presenting the proposals resulting from the roundtables, are now available on the workshop’s dedicated website: stop-deforestation.org 

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