Ten solutions to halt deforestation

On 8 September, the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil brought together 130 experts at the workshop entitled “Fighting Deforestation and Climate Change: Are Sustainable Commodity Chains the Solution?” held as part of the Convergences World Forum.

Producers, manufacturers, distributors from the timber, pulp, palm oil, rubber and soybean commodity chains, along with NGOs, consumer representatives, civil society and public authorities, held talks on six themes inherent to the “zero deforestation” objective: supply risk management; traceability and certification systems; the African Eldorado; the involvement of small farmers in responsible initiatives; animal species protection and consumer information.

At the end of three hours of discussions between those in attendance, ten solutions were developed, all with the common goal of putting a stop to deforestation.

  1. Develop an international platform for monitoring corporate commitments and ensuring the sustainability of the products;
  2. Develop a single, uniform map of at-risk areas to give all stakeholders a clear image of the issues raised by deforestation: a shared tool visible to all, NGOs, companies, and investors;
  3. Create an “anti-deforestation” meta tag that can be used by all sectors;
  4. Produce an educational tool for the general public that explains traceability;
  5. Encourage positive journalism to change the image of the industries in question by highlighting actions and good practices;
  6. Open dialogue with governments in source countries as part of projects with multiple stakeholders (e.g. Consumer Goods Forum, National Alliances), so that they apply and enforce stricter policies in their respective countries;
  7. Work with NGOs to help create flexible interoperable frameworks that are in sync with current issues and the ability of local stakeholders to take action;
  8. Develop innovative farming best practices before certification;
  9. Develop a quick biodiversity inventory protocol for high biodiversity areas, with procedures that are tracked, acknowledged, and usable by all;
  10. Lean towards fair contracts.

You will find the details of these suggestions in the workshop summary report and video explanations on the site: https://stop-deforestation.org/

The French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil is already working toward implementing some of these initiatives and is poised to take advantage of any opportunities or partnerships that would move them further forward. Contact us contact@huiledepalmedurable.org!

Further reading: https://www.huiledepalmedurable.org/lhuile-de-palme-durable-un-vrai-progres-pour-lenvironnement/

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