The Alliance hails the vote of the National Assembly

Affecting less than 1% of the world’s palm oil production, it is not the taxation in France of this raw material that is going to solve environmental problems in producer countries…

However, the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil is delighted with the vote by parliament, which has decided to exempt the sustainable sector from this tax. This is recognition for our efforts and a positive sign from the Government and our MPs to encourage us in our hope of developing the sustainable palm oil sector. We should remember that the sustainable sector is principally led by Europe which buys 80% of its production.

Today, real progress is being achieved and recognised: the actors in the sector (brands, industries, suppliers, producers) have made historic commitments to traceability going forward to 2020 and announced supply policies that prioritise protection of the forests, respect for biodiversity and respect for the rights of populations and workers. Over 80% of the market is now covered by such commitments and positive effects are beginning to be seen on the ground.

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