The consumption of palm oil in France: 2.8 g per day

The consumption of palm oil in France: 2.8 g per day
According to the CREDOC*, the consumption of palm oil in France
is estimated at 2.8 g per day, or approximately 5% of the French intake of saturated fatty acids.

At the request of the French Alliance for Sustainable Palm Oil, the CREDOC conducted a study to assess actual consumption of palm oil by the French.

Though the last estimate available in France (dating back to 2009) was 5.5 grams a day among the general population, the new figures presented by the CREDOC substantially minimise the supposed impact of this vegetable fat on the health of the French: 2.8 g/day for the general population (age three and up) (3.3 g/day for 3 to14 year olds, and 2.7 g/day for adults aged 15 and over).

When expressed in terms of palm oil’s presence in the total intake of saturated fatty acids (SFA) for the French, it is approximately 5% of the total for those ages three and over.

At the conference on 14 October 2014, at which these figures were presented, Professor Bernard Guy-Grand, Coordinator of the assessment performed by the Fonds Français pour l’Alimentation et la Santé (French Fund for Food and Health) on palm oil published in late 2012, reminded those present that, while palm oil consumption should not be encouraged, current consumption levels do not in any way justify the controversy surrounding the oil.

[1] based on the 2013 study Comportements et Consommations Alimentaires des Français (CCAF – French Food Consumption and Behaviours)*Centre de Recherche pour l’Étude et l’Observation des Conditions de Vie – the French Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions

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